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Posted on May 1, 2023

Department: Finance

Reports to: City Manager Salary

Range: $67,000.00 - negotiable

Date of Vacancy: Immediately 

A management position involving both administrative and technical work as a department head and as the City of Pratt's (City's) principal finance officer. The Finance Director/City Treasurer is appointed by, reports directly to, serves at the discretion of and may be removed by the City Manager. 

  • Overall management and supervision of the Finance Department;
  • Receive from the county treasurer all money and evidences of indebtedness collected for and payable to the City;
  • Keep account of all moneys and evidences of indebtedness received and disbursed by him or her on behalf of the City specifying the time of receipt and disbursement and from what sources received and to whom disbursed on account;
  • Have a complete understanding of all City enterprise funds and work closely with department heads and City Manager to establish appropriate rates for City services;
  • Shall publish or cause to be published a quarterly financial statement of the City in the manner and style provided by K.S.A. 12-1608;
  • The Finance Director/City Treasurer shall deposit all public moneys coming into his or her hands in his or her official capacity or responsibility in a bank or banks within the City, but only after the same has been designated by the commission as a depository bank as qualified to receive deposits or public moneys in accordance with the provisions of law. He or she shall make all such deposits with his or her name as the Finance Director/City Treasurer of the City;
  • Shall pay out the funds of the City upon warrants or warrant checks countersigned by the City Manager and City Clerk;
  • Shall not knowingly pay any order, warrant, check or other evidence of indebtedness out of the treasury in excess of the funds actually on hand in the treasury at the time for such purpose unless such payment be authorized in the manner authorized by law as an exception to the Cash Basis Act;
  • Obtain and maintain proficiency in Incode;
  • Shall keep a record of the amount of money on hand in the treasury which shall show at all times the amount in each particular fund, and each order, warrant, warrant check or other evidence of indebtedness drawn on the treasury and paid, giving the date of payment;
  • Shall, upon request of any member of the governing body or at the request of any taxpayer of the City, or at the request of a person desiring to contract with the City or who has a claim against the City, exhibit such record to such a person or give a statement in writing showing the balances on hand in each of the funds of City;
  • Responsible for general ledger including monthly bookkeeping reports for the entire City and for preparing all financial reports;
  • Responsible for cultivating, evaluating, and reporting on investments for the City;
  • Examines all invoices, purchase orders and warrants for the City and signs all checks;
  • Maintains up to date knowledge of laws, rules, regulations and potential programs for potential municipal bond issues;
  • Makes all bond and interest payments and assists the City Manager with the preparation of all new bond transcripts;
  • Budget preparatory work and assists City Manager and department heads in the development and control of the budget;
  • Assists the City Manager in various human resource responsibilities;
  • Serve as primary contact for Unemployment and Workman's Compensation issues:
  • Handles all KPERS (retirement) functions as the City's Designated Agent;
  • Handles all deferred compensation functions;
  • Responsible for monthly bank reconciliations;
  • Receives and balances all outside funds received, i.e., recreation funds, swimming pool funds, municipal court funds, etc;
  • Prepares and remits all sales tax reports;
  • Responsible for keeping up to date on State and Federal grant programs available to municipalities;
  • Ensures that all real and personal property insurance requirements for the City are kept;
  • Responsible for knowing and obtaining information on SBA, PPP, CARES Act, and similar Federal and State laws, regulations, and programs;
  • Have a succession plan, review and update every five years;
  • Serve on various boards affecting City funds and functions as directed by City Manager;
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the City Manager.


 Education, Training and Experience Guidelines

  • Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or closely related field; and five years' experience managing government financial operations; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

Knowledge of:

  • City organization, operations, policies and procedures;
  • Government/Financial Accounting Standards Boards (GASB/FASB), and Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) standards, practices, policies, rules, and regulatory reporting requirements;
  • Cash Basis Act, and all rules and regulations related thereto;
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Generally Accepted Auditing Principles for Public Sector financial management, including payroll, treasury, grant funds and public debt management;
  • Legal, ethical and professional rules of conduct for municipal finance officers;
  • Principles and practices of public sector administrative management, including performance management, personnel rules, accounting, budgeting, procurement, and contract management;
  • Techniques and practices for efficient and cost-effective management of resources;
  • Business and personal computers, and financial spreadsheet software applications;
  • General ledger reconciliation


  • Reading, interpreting, understanding and applying accounting standards and procedures, applicable to Federal and State rules and regulations, City ordinances, policies and procedures;
  • Analyzing financial issues evaluating alternatives, and developing recommendations and strategies;
  • Analyzing City needs and prioritizing and promoting financial strategies to meet future needs;
  • Monitoring and interpreting financial documents, and assuring compliance with all regulatory requirements governing municipal financial activities;
  • Reviewing interrelated financial and technical records, and identifying and reconciling errors;
  • Using initiative and independent judgment within established procedural guidelines;
  • Assessing and prioritizing multiple tasks, projects, and demands;
  • Managing staff, delegating tasks and authority, and coaching to improve staff performance;
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with City employees, officials, department heads, Commissioners, and representatives from other local, State and Federal agencies;
  • Communicating effectively verbally and in


  • Responsible for all financial reporting within the City of Pratt, and the actual funds involved with such reports;
  • Responsible for budgetary logistics and compliance of the various departments;
  • Responsible for overseeing the cash flow process of the entire City


  • Work is performed in a standard office environment; may be required to bend, reach, stoop, and lift objects;
  • Verbal communication with the public is a necessity;
  • The ability to visually oversee all records, reports and public funds is


  •  The City of Pratt is an at will employer. Therefore, termination may be with or without


Send job application, resume and supporting documents to: City Manager, City of Pratt

P.O. Box 807

Pratt, Kansas 67124

Email: Open until filled